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Click the buttons!

Click the buttons!
Fun! Click the buttons and drag the old maid’s nose, eyes, mouth and eyebrows.
Make the maid happy, surprised, sad or angry!
To play this cute online fun game, visit this page.

The old maid is a wallpaper character in our colorful fairy tale Princess Iris and The Rainbow Museum. Try using another browser if this game doesn’t work on your mobile phone or tablet.

Princess Iris and The Rainbow Museum – First version (2013)

In a gloomy castle with old worn out furniture lives a sad little princess named Iris.
Will she ever be happy?

This is a slideshow of the original First version (2013) of PRINCESS IRIS AND THE RAINBOW MUSEUM.

The Second version (2015) will soon be available as a book!

PRINCESS IRIS AND THE RAINBOW MUSEUM was written by Simon Vierstra. Patricia Heijmen made the wallpaper art illustrations.

More info on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PrincessIrisFairyTale